About Moody Sewage

Why are we Moody?

Badly managed sewage makes us Moody! Its that simple. Raw sewage is toxic, a danger to health and very damaging to our beautiful planet (all together now… aaah). Jokes aside its a serious business, taking care of ‘business’! If dealt with incorrectly it will harm the environment, and can result in hefty fines or even a prison sentence. Which is where we come in…

We’re here to ensure that our customers are taking care of their sewage properly and safely. Well managed sewage doesn’t cause any problems, so you need Moody – a professional company, with years of sewage management experience – to make sure you don’t get moody!

A sense of humour

Although sewage management really is a serious matter, you can’t really take yourself too seriously in this game. Take it from us, when you’ve had your head stuck in a few septic tanks or been splattered with someone else’s poo a few times… You simply have to laugh!      third generation sewage consultants with over 100 years combined experience

Old hands

(Shh, don’t refer to our owner like that!) But yes, we’ve been in the business of sewage management, drainage and treatment systems for three generations, with over 100 years of combined experience, which is why our expert team of consultants will give you the best advice, whatever your need. Qualifications count too, which is why we’re members of CIWEM (the Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management), the leading professional body for environmental professionals.

One stop shop

Why get moody with several suppliers when you just need one Moody! We’ll take care of all your sewage services from emptying your tank, to keeping your system maintained and replacing it when the time comes. Keeping it all in one place keeps your costs down and means just one call to deal with any issues.

Keeping it in the family

Moody has always been a family affair, through three generations so far (maybe all that brotherly ‘affection’ is another reason we’re Moody?). Dealing with an established company that upholds strong family values means you know you’re dealing with a business you can trust. Something we never joke about.

A Moody neighbourhood

Moody is a local business, with years of expert knowledge of the areas we operate in – essential for providing the best service and products – whilst contributing to the local economy. Moody’s sewage services cover the South of England.

Fancy joining the team?

Take a look at our recruitment page to see if we're looking for anyone.