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About Moody Sewage


We are a family business based in the heart of Sussex that helps both Households
and Businesses across the South East of England.
And we provide a full range of services, from building new sewage systems, to surveys, servicing and emptying.


The business started in 1996, as Drainage and Treatment – specialising in servicing and building new sewage systems.  It wasn’t long before things were taking off. After responding to customer requests, we launched our Tanker emptying service in 2003 – Moody Tankers.

Today, the business name has evolved into Moody Sewage Ltd, and we have a fleet of tankers, service engineers, installation teams and consultants working across the South East of England.

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Moody Sewage is a family business, and even if our colleagues don’t have the same surname as our owner,
they are still considered family. We pride ourselves with strong family values – including honesty, humour, compassion and all being hard working.


Sewage management is a serious matter, but we find you really can’t take yourself too seriously in this game.
Especially when you’ve had your head stuck in a few septic tanks or been splattered –
in this situation, the only option is to laugh!

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Moody Character Moody Character


Together, our colleagues have over 100 years of combined experience, which is why our expert teams can give you the best advice and service.

To help us keep at the top of our game, we’re members of CIWEM (Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management), the leading professional body for environmental professionals. Allowing you to know that you are in good hands.