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They are for anyone who has a property about 30 metres away from the mains sewage system and aren’t currently connected.
And have a failing system or don’t want to have their sewage tank emptied anymore.

If this is you, then we can can help. We can connect properties that are not linked to the mains sewage system but can be.

We will manage all aspects of the work, including: 

  • managing the application process with your water company – securing permission,
  • digging down to the mains sewer and building a connection,
  • arrange a site meeting and approval from your water company.

After your property has been connected to the mains sewer and you stop using your old sewage system, you will need to ensure your system is decommissioned properly.

This means all remaining sludge is pumped out of your tank, as this will remove any potential risk of it leaking out in the future and causing local pollution.

Please Contact Us, to find out more and how we can help.