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MOODY SEWAGE DESIGNS, INSTALLS & overhauls Pumping stations
FOR Customers across the south east of England.

What are they?

A Pumping Station will collect the waste water and pump it to either the mains sewer or to a treatment system.

Who are they for?

They are for Properties that have a waste water system which cannot have ‘gravity fed’ connection.
This means the waste water cannot naturally flow from the property to mains sewer or to a sewage treatment system.

If you think you need one, or have one that needs repairing –  then Moody Sewage can help.

We build and overhaul both bespoke and pre-fabricated Pumping Station for all types of properties and needs. For example:

  • for homes and business developments,
  • garage conversion or new outbuildings for additional living space (e.g annex or guest house),
  • to support a new or existing mains sewer connection

To keep a pumping stations working as it should, it’s recommend that they are regularly serviced. As this will help prevent blockages, and pumps failing. And we can help there too.

 Please Contact Us, to find out more and how we can help.

New Pumping Station
Custom Pump Station
Overhauled Pumping Station
Overhauled Pump St.