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Servicing and Repairs

Want to make sure your system keeps working? Don’t want a hefty bill because something went unnoticed and broke?

We’ve encountered some real (expensive) horror stories that could have been prevented by regular servicing. There’s no need to get moody, when you can get Moody!

From our experience, systems operate properly when they’re serviced ‘little and often’. This prevents small problems from becoming big, (sometimes catastrophic) ones and ensures that the system is always producing the highest quality effluent. Remember, if the system isn’t working properly, it’s causing pollution – damaging the environment – and could lead to some hefty fines.

But don’t worry! Our professional team of highly trained engineers will visit your system regularly to keep it in tip-top condition and warn you of any impending maintenance or repairs required, giving you peace of mind.

We maintain systems for businesses and domestic customers all over the South of England.

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